Erasure - "Tomorrow's World"

Tο μεγάλο synthpop δίδυμο των 80s επιστρέφει με το 14ο άλμπουμ του!
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Disc 1
1. Be with you
2. Fill us with fire
3. What will I say when you’re gone?
4. You’ve got to save me right now
5. A whole lotta love run riot
6. When I start to (break it all down)
7. I Lose Myself
8. Then I go twisting
9. Just when I thought it was ending
Bonus Disc
10. I Lose Myself – “No Self Control” – Mix by Gareth Jones
11. Give Me Life
12. Fill Us With Fire – “Fired Up” – Mix by Gareth Jones
13. When I Start To (Break It All Down) – Frankmusik Remix
14. Clash (I Lose Myself ) – Demo Version
15. Big Song (Fill Us With Fire) – Demo Version
16. Major 7th (Be With You) – Demo Version
17. Save Me (You’ve got to save me right now) – Demo Version