Cherries On A Blacklist Greek Tour 2013 - 27 May Jazz Rock Kavala

Line Up:

- Cherries On A Blacklist (Greece, Mexico)

- Drunk Motherfuckers (Greece)

- 2 the Bone (Greece)

Due to promotion for their new album "Lakafigo", Cherries on a blacklist, a Hamburg based band, is visiting Greece for a mini tour. The band has already a 2007 EP release by the name "14", have played a lot of gigs in Germany and around the world, to places such us Italy and India.

First stop of the tour is Athens at the SIX D.O.G.S club. Drunk motherfuckers, an almost ten year old band, will be sharing the stage with them and promote their new album "...and alcohol for all'. 2thebone is a new band that started playing live this summer and along with Drunk will follow Cherries on the greek mini tour. The gig will open Audiobreed, a band that was formed in 2008 and is about to release their first album in 2013.

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